Premium Quality Ihram Pack


A luxurious quality 2 piece towelling Ihram set; specially designed in a unique tubular jacquard print style.

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The Athalal ihram is one of the most popular ihram as it is tubular and of a much higher grade material. Beautifully crafted in 77% combed cotton with highly absorbent properties for sweat & skin irritation and with a 23% polyamide for a super soft comfort to keep a cool feeling in mind! This will be your garment possibly for over 3+ days during Hajj, travelling in hot and humid climates, a high quality ihram, for your journey.

Made in the EU Absorbent; To help avoid skin irritations & sweating.

The pack includes:

  • Unique 2 piece tubular ihram set
  • 3 unique large safety pins
  • Unique adjustable belt
  • Removable pouch for valuables
  • Unique Reseal-able carry bag


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